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Lizzie Borden Took An Axe, Or Did She?

A Rhetorical Inquiry
Annette M. Holba
ISBN: 9781934844014

A pioneering rhetorical inquiry that breaks new ground in Lizzie Borden studies. Read More..

Salvation City:

Halfway House Stories
John C. Kilburn and Stephen E. Costanza
ISBN: 9781934844229

An important contribution to the sociological and social service literature.It is also a well-documented work that, with little jargon, neatly blends theoretical and applied sociology with historical description. Read More..

The People are Represented:

A Discourse Analysis of Contemporary Programs in the Television Crime Genre
Maria Siano
ISBN: 9781934844052

This study analyzes the discourse about criminals presented in the television criminal genre, and identifies shared media messages used to socially construct “the criminal” in society. Read More..