About Teneo Press

Teneo Press is an independent imprint of Cambria Press, a premier publisher of academic research acquired by research libraries worldwide.

Teneo facilitates the publication of highly specialized scholarship and texts that have been largely abandoned by academic publishers since the onslaught of the global recession.

Teneo underwrites monographs, critical studies, collections, proceedings, festschrifts, anthologies, translations, distinguished dissertations, specialized textbooks and reference material. To be accepted for distribution in academic channels, a work must pass external peer review.

Under the TAMARA Program (Teneo Archiving, Management & Registration Assistance), Teneo also provides content management and archiving services for authors who wish to protect their intellectual property while further developing their work. Teneo publishes and then registers the author's work at the U.S. Copyright Office and Library of Congress, assigns an ISBN, and notifies channel members of the work's availability. The TAMARA program includes storage and conversion of content to ensure that it is always compatible with emerging reading devices, tablets and display systems on demand.