Publication Process

If a manuscript is accepted for consideration, the following steps apply:

Step 1: Peer Review

The manuscript undergoes vetting to qualify for publication.

Step 2: Manuscript Submitted

If the manuscript meets requirements, the edited and finalized manuscript is provided to Teneo Press.

Step 3: Multiple Versions Created

When the content is approved, three template versions are created: (1) a "sample" version which provides previews of content, (2) a "student" template which represents an abridged version of the work for classroom use, and (3) a "complete" version for the entire manuscript.

Step 4: Multiple Formats Created

Next the versions are formatted for distibution via web readers, reading devices, PDF, software readers and in hard copy book format.

Step 5: Content Stored and Dynamically Upgraded

Content is stored in a dynamic content bank which upgrades content formats as devices and technology change. Authors have 24/7 access to the content bank and are provided certificate of compliance with standards.

Step 6: Content Distributed Through Online & Offline Channels

Content is then distributed to the channels selected by the authors. If e-book distribution is chosen, authors may also set the desired options for DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Step 7: Author Receives Payments

As channel members pay for content, authors have 24/7 access to sales and royalty reports as payments are made to the author.