Teneo Features

Teneo stresses peer review quality, innovation, and service to provide an outstanding academic publishing experience.

Feature Benefit
Peer Review Double blind peer review ensures that your book will help your academic advancement.
Journal Review Journals may request and receive a copy of your book for review.
Book News Review Book News may review your book and submit this review to partners in the distribution channel.
Library of Congress Registration A copy of your book will reside in the Library of Congress with control number registration.
ISBN Assignment By having an international standard book number, channel partners can easily order your book.
EISBN Assignment Multiple formats means that separate ISBNs are provided.
Hardcover Format Some libraries prefer hardcover and so this is available as an option.
Softcover Format Softcover format ensures affordabilty and easy access and is most popular.
Amazon Kindle E-Book Kindle e-books are available through amazon.com and Teneo e-books are "Kindle Ready".
BN Nook E-Book Barnes and Noble's Nook device is very popular and Teneo books are "Nook Ready".
Google Editions E-Book Google offers e-Books as well. Teneo books are distributed through this channel.
Apple iBookstore iPad E-Book The iPad is loved by many and Teneo e-books are available for the iPad.
eLibraryPlus.com E-Book eLibraryPlus.com offers e-books designed for academic libraries and Teneo is plugged into this service.
Teneo E-Book Teneo offers e-books from its website in all popular formats.
Amazon Search Inside Amazon Search Inside allows amazon shoppers to preview content thereby increasing sales.
Google Book Search Google Book Search provides free preview of content with links to purchase the desired edition.
Teneo Book Search Teneo also provides free preview, sample editions and full-text search.
Online Distribution Teneo books are available through the dominant online retailers including amazon.com.
Trade Distribution Teneo books are distributioned through the dominant bookstore distributors.
Academic Library Distribution Teneo books are distributed by specialized university library distributors.
International Distribution Teneo books are available internationally and priced in multiple currencies.
Content Bank Authors have access to a "content bank" that provides multiple formats of their book.
Design and Layout Teneo provide state-of-the-art book design, layout, and content management.
High Royalty Authors enjoy royalties that are the highest in the industry: up to 50%.
Online Sales Tracking Authors can track sales and royalties 24/7 via a personalized web portal.
Reputation Teneo is a division of Cambria Press which enjoys a premium reputation for quality.