The All-Formats, All-Channels Solution

Teneo publishes in softcover and hardcover book formats for traditional distribution via online book retailers and global trade and academic library channels.

Teneo also provides content for all popular reading devices including iPad, Nook, and Kindle for 24/7 access via dominant third party distribution channels including, Apple's iBookstore, and Google Editions as desired.

Teneo also distributes content directly from its website in Web Reader, PDF, Adobe Digital Editions, MobiPocket Reader, Kindle for PC, Nook for PC, and other software formats. Content is also available from Teneo for use with popular reading devices and tablets including the iPad, Nook, Kindle, Sony and other generic readers.

Teneo also provides special student versions of content which are specifically designed and formatted for use and access during semester or quarter long time periods.

In additon, sample versions of content are provided to increase awareness and instill purchase.

By providing content in all formats and distribution channels, Teneo guarantees pervasive and convenient access on demand.

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eLibraryPlus Books for Software Readers
eLibraryPlus Books for the iPad
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eLlibraryPlus Books for the Kindle
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