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The Existence or Non-existence of Race?:

Forensic Anthropology, Population Admixture, and the Future of Racial Classification in the U.S.
Conrad B. Quintyn
ISBN: 9781934844991

In this book, Conrad Quintyn details the two intransigent sides of the race issue in biological anthropology and human biology in order to propose a common-sense compromise. He begins with a history of the race argument, with an emphasis on biological anthropology, to give the reader some critical background information. He gives in chronological order several biological definitions of race before discussing its meaning in contemporary society, and touches on race and medicine. Read More..

The Meaning of BDSM Experiences:

A Psychodynamic Perspective
Kandice van Beerschoten
ISBN: 9781934844540

The Meaning of BDSM Experiences: A Psychodynamic Perspective is important reading for researchers of perversions, sexual behaviors, and BDSM. Read More..