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Woman on Trial:

Gender and the Accused Woman in Plays from Ancient Greece to the Contemporary Stage
Amelia Howe Kritzer and Miriam López-Rodríguez
ISBN: 9781934844595

This study breaks new ground in comparative drama by focusing on a phenomenon that can be observed in the drama of different cultures and across a large span of time and illuminate the ways in which the plays interrogate law as an institution that subordinates and controls women. Read More..

The Gulag in East Germany

Soviet Special Camps, 1945–1950
Ulrich Merten
ISBN: 9781934844328

Gives a much-deserved voice to thousands upon thousands of German victims of Stalinism. Read More..

Restoration Comedy, 1671–1682: A Catalogue

María José Mora
ISBN: 9781934844359

The first detailed catalogue of all English comedies produced in the restoration period. Read More..

Japanese Journalism and the Japanese Newspaper:

A Supplemental Reader
Anthony Rausch
ISBN: 9781934844700

An outstanding resource to understand issues and influence of Japanese newspapers and journalism. Read More..