Woman on Trial: Gender and the Accused Woman in Plays from Ancient Greece to the Contemporary Stage By Amelia Howe Kritzer and Miriam López-Rodríguez


About the Editors

Amelia Howe Kritzer and Miriam López-Rodríguez, specialize in scholarship and criticism centered on female playwrights and women in drama. Kritzer, Professor Emerita of English and Theater at the University of St. Thomas, has written The Plays of Caryl Churchilll (1991) and Political Theatre in Post-Thatcher Britain (2008), and edited the path-breaking collection of drama by women, Plays by Early American Women, 1775-1850.

López-Rodríguez, Professor in the Department of English and Vice-Dean at the University of Malaga, has written extensively on American women playwrights, including Sophie Treadwell and Louisa Medina. She has written books on the author Louisa May Alcott and co-edited Staging a Cultural Paradigm: The Political and the Personal in American Drama (2003), Women’s Contribution to Nineteenth-Century American Drama (2004), and Broadway's Bravest Woman: Selected Writings of Sophie Treadwell ( 2006).