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Italian Americans:

Bridges to Italy, Bonds to America
Luciano J. Iorizzo and Ernest E. Rossi
ISBN: 9781934844144

Drawing from a wide variety of primary sources, such as census tracts, local directories, diaries, voting records, newspaper accounts, personal interviews, and scholarly and polemical books and articles, the authors show how Italian Americans adapted, through work, prejudice, strife, and advancement, to the social and political life in America while still retaining an element of Italianita. Read More..

The Great Earthquake:

America Comes to Messina's Rescue
Salvatore LaGumina
ISBN: 9781934844069

The earthquake that struck the Messina Straits on December 28, 1908, was Europe’s most powerful catastrophe in modern times. This study constitutes the first comprehensive volume that specifically explores the extensive and admirable role played by the United States in aiding Italy in the wake of a distressful time. Read More..

The Gulag in East Germany

Soviet Special Camps, 1945–1950
Ulrich Merten
ISBN: 9781934844328

Gives a much-deserved voice to thousands upon thousands of German victims of Stalinism. Read More..

An International History of British Power, 1957–1970

Michael J. Turner
ISBN: 9781934844205

This book provides an integrated international history of the period between 1957 and 1970, offering a detailed examination of Britain’s role and influence during this pivotal period. It elucidates the motives behind key decisions, discusses their far-reaching consequences, and explains why some options were taken and others rejected. Read More..