e-Government: The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Administration By Eric E. Otenyo and Nancy Lind

About Eric Otenyo

Eric Otenyo is associate professor of politics and international affairs at Northern Arizona University. He previously taught at Illinois State University, Normal. He holds a PhD from Miami University, Ohio, and an MPA from Syracuse University. Dr. Otenyo’s previous publications include Comparative Public Administration: The Essential Readings (co-edited with Nancy Lind) and Managerial Discretion in Government Decision Making: Beyond the Street Level (co-authored with Jacqueline Vaughn). He has published in several journals such as Public Organization Review, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, International Journal of Public Administration, Public Resistance, African Security Review, Public Administration and Management: An Interactive Journal, and International Journal of Services Economics and Management.

About Nancy Lind

Nancy Lind is professor of politics and government at Illinois State University. She holds a PhD from University of Minnesota. She is co-author and co-editor of numerous books, including Controversies of the George W. Bush Presidency Pro and Con Documents (with Bernard Ivan Tamas), Presidents From Reagan Through Clinton, 1981–2001: Debating the Issues in Pro and Con Primary Documents (with Lane Crothers), Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy: Right Versus Left (with Gardenia Harris and Bernard Ivan Tamas), and Nonviolence and Its Alternatives: An Interdisciplinary Reader (with Manfred Steger). Dr. Lind has taught courses in public administration and American government for over two decades.