I Am You (Student Edition Teneo Press) A Novel on Lesbian Desire in the Middle East by Elham Mansour. Translated and Edited with Student Exercises by Samar Habib By Elham Mansour / Edited and Translated with Exercises by Samar Habib


A groundbreaking work which was first published in Beirut in the year 2000 by Riad el-Rayyes, I Am You (Ana Hiya Anti) is the only novel in Arabic which deals exclusively with the subject of female homosexuality in the Middle East. This critical translation of Elham Mansour's Lebanese novel with exercises for students provides a rare insight into the prevalent attitudes towards lesbianism in the Arabic mainstream, whilst also casting a light on that which is often hidden from the public gaze-the lives of some gay and bisexual women. This long awaited critical translation provides the student with access to a novel which deals candidly and positively with one of the most important and taboo issues of contemporary Arab society––(homo)sexuality. The novel is translated and introduced by Samar Habib (author of Female Homosexuality in the Middle East. This is a special softcover edition for student use. The hardcover version of this book with additional scholarly content is published by Cambria Press.