Japanese Journalism and the Japanese Newspaper: A Supplemental Reader By Anthony Rausch

Table of Contents

Section One: Japanese Journalism: Past, Present and Future

Chapter 1. New Journalism in Interwar Japan: Cautionary Notes for Researching Japanese Print Media

Chapter 2. Rebalancing Japanese Newspaper Coverage: National and Kansai Newspapers in the Digital Age

Chapter 3. New Journalism in Japan: Using Independent Digital Sources for Social Research

Section Two: Japanese Journalism and Social Discourse

Chapter 4. The Ambiguity of Memory in East Asian Newspapers: Journalistic Representations of War Memories

Chaper 5. Japanese Newspaper’s Influence on Societal Discourse and Governmental Policy Toward North Korea, 1998-2006

Chapter 6. Reporting of the World’s Biggest Single Plane Crash

Chapter 7. Two Journalistic Political Communities: The Newspapers and Nico Nico D?ga

Section Three: Japanese Journalism and the Great East Japan Disaster

Chapter 8. The Media, the Government, and the Tripartite Disaster of 2011

Chapter 9. The Local Press in Japan and Discourses of National Sacrifice

Chapter 10. Local Newspapers and the Post-Earthquake and Tsunami Reconstruction in Iwate Prefecture

Chapter 11. From News to Memory Creation: Regional Newspaper Coverage of the Great East Japan Disaster, 2011