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Global Science / Women's Health

Cindy Patton and Helen Loshny
ISBN: 9781934844038

This volume strives to open a debate on the idea that the production and distribution of scientific knowledge, in itself, fails to take into account the differential distribution of women in social, cultural, and economic space. Read More..

The Meaning of BDSM Experiences:

A Psychodynamic Perspective
Kandice van Beerschoten
ISBN: 9781934844540

The Meaning of BDSM Experiences: A Psychodynamic Perspective is important reading for researchers of perversions, sexual behaviors, and BDSM. Read More..

Pharmaceutical Safety Withdrawals:

A Comparative Study of the United States and Canada
Dominika Jegen
ISBN: 9781934844106

In this sociohistorical case study, Dominika Jegen expands on this important body of work by utilizing international comparisons of regulatory data never before analyzed concurrently. This is an important book for those in public health and medical care. Read More..