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The Reluctant Migrants:

Migration from the Veneto to Central Massachusetts 1880-1920
Teresa Fava Thomas
ISBN: 9781934844717

Read More..

Italian POWs Speak Out At Last:

Fomer Prisoners of War Break Their Silence
Carlo Ferroni
ISBN: 9781934844830

An extraordinary and pioneering study of the Italian POW experience from the soldier's view. Read More..

Countering Modernity:

Toward a Nondualist Basis for Art Education
David Gall
ISBN: 9781934844236

A penetrating examination of competing perspectives in art education. Read More..

M. K. Gandhi’s First Nonviolent Campaign:

A Study of Racism in South Africa and in the United States
George Hendrick and Willene Hendrick
ISBN: 9781934844915

Will appeal to those who wish to read about Gandhi's life, to students studying racism in South Africa and the American South, and to readers studying African American literature and culture. Read More..