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Countering Modernity:

Toward a Nondualist Basis for Art Education
David Gall
ISBN: 9781934844236

A penetrating examination of competing perspectives in art education. Read More..

The Gulag in East Germany

Soviet Special Camps, 1945–1950
Ulrich Merten
ISBN: 9781934844328

Gives a much-deserved voice to thousands upon thousands of German victims of Stalinism. Read More..

The Reluctant Migrants:

Migration from the Veneto to Central Massachusetts 1880-1920
Teresa Fava Thomas
ISBN: 9781934844717

Read More..

Italian POWs Speak Out At Last:

Fomer Prisoners of War Break Their Silence
Carlo Ferroni
ISBN: 9781934844830

An extraordinary and pioneering study of the Italian POW experience from the soldier's view. Read More..