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Violence, Terror, Genocide, and War in the Holy Books and in the Decades Ahead

New Psychological and Sociological Insights on the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Qur’an
Timothy Philip Schwartz-Barcott
ISBN: 9781934844380

The most objective, systematic analysis of portrayals of violence in Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Qur’an with important if not astonishing findings. Read More..

The Existence or Non-existence of Race?:

Forensic Anthropology, Population Admixture, and the Future of Racial Classification in the U.S.
Conrad B. Quintyn
ISBN: 9781934844991

In this book, Conrad Quintyn details the two intransigent sides of the race issue in biological anthropology and human biology in order to propose a common-sense compromise. He begins with a history of the race argument, with an emphasis on biological anthropology, to give the reader some critical background information. He gives in chronological order several biological definitions of race before discussing its meaning in contemporary society, and touches on race and medicine. Read More..

Arts, Culture, and Blindness:

A Study of Blind Students in the Visual Arts
Simon Hayhoe
ISBN: 9781934844076

This is the first book to study adult and child art students actually participating in courses designed with their needs in mind in universities and schools for the blind. Read More..

The People are Represented:

A Discourse Analysis of Contemporary Programs in the Television Crime Genre
Maria Siano
ISBN: 9781934844052

This study analyzes the discourse about criminals presented in the television criminal genre, and identifies shared media messages used to socially construct “the criminal” in society. Read More..