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Countering Modernity:

Toward a Nondualist Basis for Art Education
David Gall
ISBN: 9781934844236

A penetrating examination of competing perspectives in art education. Read More..

The History of Brenau University, 1878 – 2013

A Study of Student, Faculty, and Staff Negotiation to Shape the Collegiate Experience
Charles H. “Trey” Wilson III
ISBN: 9781934844663

Read More..

Learning to Succeed:

The Challenges and Possibilities of Educational Achievement for All
George Dei
ISBN: 9781934844137

George J. Sefa Dei brings his extensive research experience in the Euro-American school system to this book, in which the reader is invited share in the dialogue about the links between the accounts of ‘high academic achieving students and their successes’. Read More..

The International Experiences of First-Year Teachers

Carole Richardson and Warnie Richardson
ISBN: 9781934844120

The narratives in this book honor the voices of the individuals as they tell the personal and professional stories that live behind surveys and numbers. They speak frankly of the difficulties faced and triumphs experienced while beginning a career in a new country. Ultimately, these stories provide glimpses into the lives of first-year teachers who venture beyond the defined borders of their country—and their comfort. Read More..