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Defying the Global Language:

Perspectives in Ethnic Studies
Cheryl Toman
ISBN: 9781934844847

An enriching and thought-provoking volume. Thoroughly researched, convincing and well written. Read More..

Exploring Suburbia:

The Suburbs in the Contemporary Australian Novel
Nathanael O'Reilly
ISBN: 9781934844946

Exploring Suburbia is the first book-length study of suburbia in Australian literature and addresses a long-neglected and underexamined area. Read More..

I Am You (Student Edition Teneo Press)

A Novel on Lesbian Desire in the Middle East by Elham Mansour. Translated and Edited with Student Exercises by Samar Habib
Elham Mansour / Edited and Translated with Exercises by Samar Habib
ISBN: 9781934844007

This long awaited critical translation with exercises provides the student reader access to a novel which deals candidly and positively with one of the most important and taboo issues of contemporary Arab society––(homo)sexuality. Read More..