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Salvation City:

Halfway House Stories
John C. Kilburn and Stephen E. Costanza
ISBN: 9781934844229

An important contribution to the sociological and social service literature.It is also a well-documented work that, with little jargon, neatly blends theoretical and applied sociology with historical description. Read More..

The People are Represented:

A Discourse Analysis of Contemporary Programs in the Television Crime Genre
Maria Siano
ISBN: 9781934844052

This study analyzes the discourse about criminals presented in the television criminal genre, and identifies shared media messages used to socially construct “the criminal” in society. Read More..

Lizzie Borden Took An Axe, Or Did She?

A Rhetorical Inquiry
Annette M. Holba
ISBN: 9781934844014

A pioneering rhetorical inquiry that breaks new ground in Lizzie Borden studies. Read More..