Restoration Comedy, 1671–1682: A Catalogue By María José Mora

About María José Mora

María José Mora (Assoc. Prof.) teaches and conducts research in the Department of English literature at the Universidad de Sevilla (Spain) along with several faculty scholars who are members of the Restoration Comedy Project team, that is currently compiling data on the comedies produced in England in this period. This faculty team has edited Thomas Shadwell The Virtuoso (1997) and Epsom Wells (2000), Joseph Arrowsmith’s The Reformation (2003) and the anonymous comedy The Woman Turned Bully (2007). Their contributions to the field of Early Modern Drama, published in several international collections and journals, cover very diverse areas within the fields of literary and cultural studies (from genre analysis to the system of patronage) and theatre history (from company policy to the material aspects of stage practice). This volume represents the second in the Restoration Comedy series. The first, Restoration Comedy, 1660-1670: A Catalogue was also published by Teneo Press in 2014 to much praise and exclaim.