Countering Modernity: Toward a Nondualist Basis for Art Education By David Gall

About David Gall

Dr. David Gall is Associate Professor of Art Education at UNC Charlotte. A Fulbright scholarship allowed Dr. Gall to earn his PhD from Penn State University in 1996; he also holds MFA and BFA degrees in painting. Dr. Gall’s research focus is generally in the area of multiculturalism, aesthetics, curriculum design, and cultural theory. Recent publications include, A Dialectic of Disinterested and Immersive Aesthetics: Santiniketan Art Education and Labour, Fragments of What: Postmodernism, Hybridity and Collage, and Models of Culture and Modeling Culture. Dr. Gall is alsoa practicing artist whose work has been included in shows of Caribbean Art, notably the1996 – 97 Caribbean Visions, an exhibition of Caribbean Art that toured the U.S, and in 1991 L’Espace Carpo, Caribbean Art exhibition in France. Examples of Dr. Gall's artwork are in the Thomas Burrell collection Chicago and in the National Art Collection, Barbados.