Global Science / Women's Health By Cindy Patton and Helen Loshny

About Cindy Patton

Cindy Patton holds the Canada Research Chair in Community Culture and Health at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, where she is a professor of sociology & anthropology and women’s studies. She is also the senior scholar of the Michael Smith Foundation for Health research. Dr. Patton was an AIDS activist and community organizer throughout the 1980s, and subsequently worked as a researcher and scholar. Her publications include Inventing AIDS (1990), Last Served? Gendering the HIV Pandemic (1994), Fatal Advice (1996), Queer Diasporas (with Benigno Sanchez-Eppler, 2000), Globalizing AIDS (2002), and Cinematic Identity (2007). She is currently the head of the Health Research and Methods Training Facility, a qualitative research lab with a focus on community-based research.

About Helen Loshny

Helen Loshny is a PhD candidate in the Department of Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University, where she conducts research in the Health Research and Methods Training Facility. Her areas of interest include women’s reproductive health and critical perspectives on clinical practice. She is currently coediting the volume Clinical Spaces and Agents with Cindy Patton. An article coauthored with Cindy Patton (currently in press) will shortly appear in the Canadian Journal of Nursing Research.