Foremothers of the Women’s Spirituality Movement: Elders and Visionaries By Miriam Robbins Dexter and Vicki Noble

Table of Contents


Preface: Grassroots Uprising to Graduate Degrees in Women's Spirituality (Vicki Noble)

Introduction: On My Path (Miriam Robbins Dexter)

Part I: Scholars

Chapter 1: Our Quest for Spiritual Authenticity (Charlene Spretnak)

Chapter 2: The Life and Work of a Feminist Goddess Theologian (Carol P. Christ)

Chapter 3: Resurgence (Max Dashú)

Chapter 4: My Spirituality Holds the Meaning of Life for Me (Elinor W. Gadon)

Chapter 5: Women’s Spirituality and Higher Education (Mara Lynn Keller)

Chapter 6: Women’s Spirituality: From Domination to Partnership (Riane Eisler)

Chapter 7: Dakinis Dancing Through Space and Time, Into Our Bodies and Minds (Miranda Shaw)

Chapter 8: Adventures She Has Brought My Way (Starr Goode)

Chapter 9: Cultivating Sacred Ground (Joan Marler)

Chapter 10: The Journey of a Matriarchal Scholar in a Patriarchal World (Heide Goettner-Abendroth *Translated from German by Karen Smith)

Part II: Indigenous Mind and Mother Earth

Chapter 11: Still Crazy After All These Tears (Luisah Teish)

Chapter 12: Ancient Wisdom, Sustaining Harmony (Brooke Medicine Eagle)

Chapter 13: Earth Healing, Earth Action (Starhawk)

Chapter 14: Spirit’reality, In the Spirit of We’Moon (Musawa)

Chapter 15: Green Witch, High Priestess of the Goddess (Susun S. Weed)

Chapter 16: Transformation from Midwife to Priestess (Jane Hardwicke Collings)

Chapter 17: Conceiving and Nurturing a Poiesis of Her (Glenys Livingstone)

Part III: Ritual and Ceremony

Chapter 18: LA Story (Z Budapest)

Chapter 19: Serving the Mother (Hallie Austen Iglehart)

Chapter 20: On Weaving a Web Around the World (Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman)

Chapter 21: The Life of a Priestess (Kathy Jones)

Chapter 22: When We Re-Discovered the Power of Women's Mysteries (Ruth Barrett)

Chapter 23: The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power in the Fourth Wave of Feminism (Vajra Ma)

Part IV: Artists and Activists

Chapter 24: A Romance of Poets (Judy Grahn)

Chapter 25: Love of the Goddess (Karen Vogel)

Chapter 26: Early Artistic Work Inspired by My Activism in the 1970s (Cristina Biaggi)

Chapter 27: A Beginning but No Ending (Donna Read)

Chapter 28: My Muses: Glinda The Good, Merlin Stone, and Marija Gimbutas (Mary Mackey)

Chapter 29: My Journey to the Goddess (Lydia Ruyle)

Chapter 30: Krissy Keefer, The Genius Behind Wallflower Order, Dance Brigade, and Dance Mission (Vicki Noble)

Part V: Philosopher and Humanitarian

Chapter 31: Promises Kept (Genevieve Vaughan)



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